Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spott: Free Link Exchange

If you've ever wanted an easy way to promote your site for free, you'll love Spottt.

A free link exchange service from AdBrite, Spottt helps you drive more users to your site. It can work together with the AdBrite ad zones you're already using and any ad buys you're doing.

The concept is simple: by joining, members agree to display ads for other members. Spottt's fully automated, using a small snippet of HTML inserted into any web page, including blogs and MySpace profiles. The amount of free advertising members receive is directly proportional to the amount they give to others. Spottt ads are 125x125 pixels.

Click here to give Spottt a try, or read more at the brand-new Spottt blog.


Franso said...

I will try that

Franso said...

Does it really work

Michael G. Pickett, Jr. said...

Spottt sucks, I tried it long time ago, never got one visit.