Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Flaws Of Macbook Air

The main problems:

1. Exclusive Price?
You do not know how much you will pay for Apple's products after Macbook Air. The accessory purchases, software purchases, and iTunes rentals, and you have to buy all of them exclusively in Apple Store. Many of these flaws can only be fixed or alleviated with more investment of money and time.

2. Device or Computer?
Parts, Ram and Battery are not interchangeable. So this computer is more like a human artifact than a tool?

Not user Replaceable
129 for a battery replacement(installation included)

No Optical Drive
True wireless productivity? Or is it more like iTunes dependency? Why?

Remote Disc ---not yet an alternative
1. Can't install OS via Remote Disc.
2.Remote CD/DVD host may not always be available when needed. (You need to bring your remote disc software when you're on the road too)

Hard drive
Slow ---only 4,200rpm
2GB of RAM only
No option to upgrade

MacAir-only External Optical Drive
The $99 external Superdrive is only exclusive for Macbook Air, not compatible with any other laptops.

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