Monday, December 3, 2007

Should Online Artwork Ripping Be Stopped?

My friends and I have been discussing on whether or not there is need for Anti-Artwork-Ripping tools. Of course, one side of the argument consists of the people who believe in that the web is about sharing EVERYTHING, while the other side of the argument is how the artists are being treated unfairly for not having any power over controlling their creation online.

Cratle Note:
Def Artwork :
The formal expression of a conceived image or imagined conception in terms of a given medium.

When thinking of artworks, I hope people can exclude those daily random pictures, instead, consider the paintings, photographies, and other art forms which requires hours or even days of concentrated efforts.

So, should Online Artwork Ripping Be Stopped?

Top 10 Reasons To Commit Picture Ripping

1. It has always been this way, right-click--->save as...Simple and easy, even my grandma knows how to do that!
2. I saw that picture before.
3. This is what Internet was meant to be. We share everything!
4. Art is to be shared, or else it has no value whatsoever.
5. It is pointless to protect it, someone's gonna figure out a way to rip it anyway.
6. How can I not rip that beauty's picture? That is against human nature.
7. It is a compliment if someone rips off your pictures.
8. Technically the poster may not be the owner, and he has shown no verifiable proof that he has created that picture, therefore it is totally fine for everyone to rip it off.
9. I've got to give this picture to my girlfriend, damn it, don't you try to stop me!
10. What is art but an entity of shadows and shades communicating with the mind? You can't define it, you can't confine it, you can't protect it, thus I will rip it all!

Top 10 Reasons To Support Artwork Protection

1. We amateur artists are poor, help us.
2. You know how disgusting it is when someone takes something that is yours and calls it theirs? It makes you want to punch them in the face and curse their moms.
3. Thieves must be stopped, captured, and punished.
4. My art is my creation, out of my flesh, my heart, and my soul, I don't want it to fall into filthy hands.
5. It is against the Copyright law to use creative works without the permission of the author.
6. "You're just mean when you rip off something that is not yours!
7. "How do we continue to contribute to the community while we know that many in our audience are cheating on us? That they like us only because they can rip us off?"
8. If people want the artworks so much, they have the choice to buy them, why steal? why sacrifices your dignity for something less than five dollars? A well-protected photo trading community is more desired.
9. It is unfair! Artists should have the authority to control how their works are distributed.
10. Where is the justice of a place where all men are encouraged to steal, cheat, and lie independently?


Current artwork ripping methods:

- Screenshot softwares
- PrintScreen
- Right Click-> Save as...
- Other automated Find and Save picture tools

Current artwork protection methods:
- Blocking Right Click
- Picture-wise WaterMark
- Use Compressed Low-Quality Image
- Control Page Access

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